Monday, May 16, 2011

Fear o'clock

Some people have a fear of spiders. Others, public speaking; still others, flying in an airplane.

[I couldn't find anything good when I Google image searched"fear o'clock"; instead, here's a kitten]

Well, mine is a lot more embarrassing than any of those. I'm deathly afraid of being late for an airplane flight. To make things worse, it seems to be worsening as I get older.

I sleep poorly the night before a morning flight, paranoid that my alarm clock has malfunctioned, or that I set it incorrectly. By the time I'm past airport security, waiting to board, the anxiety has completely faded. You can generally find me waiting at my terminal supremely early, because I am literally a little panicky until I'm sitting in those seats, watching the CBC airport feed and glancing at the case of endangered species I'm not allowed to poach.

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